Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Detail drawing! :)

I have used "follow me" tool to create the handrail. The handrail is smoothed after that. This staircase is drawn and will be inserted into the building later. :)

The final form of psicomagia residence in sketchup. The following process will be carried out in 3ds max, finally. These process included the landscape, and the materials and the interior of the building. 我可以做到的,对吗? :)

Concrete Roof

I've downloaded the concrete texture that i want to use for my roof. The surface should be smooth, and polished. 

Material has been assigned in 3ds max. Similar image has been paste as instance in Bump to enhance the effect.

Satisfied with the rendered effect! :)

Apply material by using UVW map and editable mesh.

5% done I guess. 

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