Friday, June 8, 2012


Selecting suitable materials for the chairs

Milky white leather has been selected to apply on the sofa. The effect is awesome.

Render to test the materials.

Rendering, arranging and editing the interior space.

Editing and rendering the self illumination material, and also the photometric light.  

Editing the interior space (without roof)

Test rendering

Mr Sun and Mr Sky are not really realistic. Thinking of editing them in photoshop later

Images below are images after editing in photoshop. Whole night has been used in order to achieve the photorealistic images of my building chosen.

Interior 1

External view 1 

Interior 2

Exterior view 2

Interior view 3

I am satisfied with the rendering results. 3ds max is truly a difficult and not user-friendly software to use for 3d rendering, I thought. 3 days before I still did not know how to extrude a plane, scaling a box, or using the UVW map. The steps are complicated and hard to remember.

"I need to improve, a lot"

I said to myself as I can imagine how disappointed is for a lecturer if I am going to do everything in the super easy Sketch up. In three days I've googled and youtubeb about 3ds max when I met any problems. It always takes me few hours to solve one problem and finally, I am happy that I didn't give up, on 3ds max.

最后我发现我爱上了3ds max 呵呵



Project 2



  1. Well done, please find my comments as follow:

    1. Please apply camera correction for straight verticles.

    2. Maybe you should post-work the grass field, it looked fake.

    3. The evening renders are very 'yellowish tinted'. Maybe you should apply white balance correction.

    4. Perhaps you need more time to look for good camera angles.

    Hoep to see more of your updates. Take time to digest my comments. If you have indigestion problem, find me for a good cup of coffee.

  2. jinghao: Digesting. haha. Alright, well try to improve from the comments. Thank you. :) And i wonder what's the taste of a real and good cup of coffee, since what i always drink is the 3 in 1 one. :)